Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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Preferences tab
Figure 4: New organization – Preferences tab

You can set following default portal preferences for the users of the selected organization:

Locale governs items like portal language and date format. In Default Locale, select the locale that should be applied when users of this organization log into Intellicus.

Time Zone is applicable when application users are spread across multiple time zones and wish to get report output as per their own time zone. In Default Time Zone, select the time zone from where your users will access the application. Before starting the report generation, the application will convert date / time field in the time zone selected here. To use the machine’s time zone as default time zone, check Use My Browser Time Zone checkbox.

Note: In Intellicus, locale and time zone specified in User Preferences takes priority over the ones set at Organization level.

Theme provides look and feel to portal. Select Default Portal Theme that will be applied to portal when user logs in.

You can choose to either View or Download PDF under the Default Print Option.

Users need to specify report output format on pages like Ad hoc Wizard and report deployment page. Select a format in Default Report Format, which will be selected by default under Report Format on Ad hoc Wizard. It will also be used as default format during report deployment (Manage Categories and Reports page).

Look and feel of ad hoc reports depends on the template you have attached with the report. In Default Ad hoc template, select the template that should appear selected on Ad hoc Wizard.

Recently generated reports are listed on My Reports page. In Recent Report Count, specify the number of newly generated reports that should be listed. Default count is 10.

Application objects are saved in folders. Number of pages in application require user to navigate to the folder in which an object is available. If most of the users of this organization will need to access a specific folder frequently, you can set it as Working Folder.

When Working Folder is set on this page, and users of this organization tries to access folders, working folder set here will appear selected. This helps save their time to navigate to the folder every time they wish to access that folder. To set the working folder, (make sure the folder already exists), click object selector icon . It will open Object selector where you can navigate to the desired folder and set it as Working Folder.

Select the Entity Types like Query Object, Analytical Object, Report, etc. that should get selected by default under the Explorer tab.

Specify the Entity Type Properties that should appear for the selected Entity Type under the Explorer tab.

You can specify a default connection under My Default Connection for the users of the selected organization.