Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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To create a Cross-Tab report, you must select at least three columns from the data source to define:

  • Column heading
  • Row Heading
  • Data field (summary field) — intersection of column and row on common criteria

On the Intellicus Studio home screen, click Insert > Cross-Tab. The cursor changes to a cross (+) symbol. Click and drag the mouse to mark an area for the Cross-Tab report in any section of the layout editor. When you release the click, you are prompted to create a bound or an unbound report.

Cross-Tab Report
Figure 1: Creating Cross-Tab Report

  • Click Yes to create a Bound Cross-Tab report.
  • Click No to create an Unbound Cross-Tab report.

Note: In case of bound cross-tabs, cross-tab is created depending on the section where the cross-tab component is placed because the data made available for cross-tab depends on data source used for report.
In case of unbound cross-tabs, irrespective of the section where the cross-tab is placed, the entire records received are considered for creating the cross-tab. This is because the data made available for the chart comes from its own data source.

For more information, refer to Desktop Studio – Crosstab.