Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Folders and Paths

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XML Data Source Folder

This property is to set directory for XML data source reports.  If the specified directory is not found, report server will not be able to run the report that uses data coming from XML file.

Default: ../xmldata


Temporary Folder

This property is to set folder where temporary files will be stored. If the specified folder is not found, the server will create the folder  In case server is not able to create the folder, all the features that need to create temporary files will not work.

Default: ../temp

Example: TEMP=../temp

Log Folder

This property is to set folder where report server log files will be stored. The log file name is ReportEngine.log. If the specified folder is not found, the server will create folder with that name.  In case server is not able to create the folder, then command prompt will be used as the logger.

Default: ../logs

Example: LOG=../logs

Font Folder

Specify the folder where font files are stored. Intellicus supports TTF format of fonts.  In case of invalid value (font not found in the folder), Arial fonts included in report server will be used.

Default: C:WINDOWSFonts


Report Cache path

This property is to set the report cache directory. The rendered reports are cached temporarily for export etc. and permanently when a report is published. Specific cache file will be deleted when a published report expires or is deleted.

Default: ../rpg

Example: CACHE_PATH=../rpg

Secondary RPG Locations

Locations (relative path/absolute path/network path) where administrator can move RPG files when size of the folder specified in Report cache path increases to a level that memory and disk and space management becomes a problem. Use semi colon as a separator to specify multiple locations.  When a published report is not found at Report Cache Path, Intellicus will search for it in the paths specified here.

Default: blank


File Data Source Path

This property is to set the path for the data source files (CSV,XLS) that can be used as data source for reporting. This path should be accessible from report server process.

Default: ../filesource

Example: FILE_DATA_SOURCE_PATH=../filesource

Archive Directory

This is the folder where report server will automatically archive report snapshot files. Automatic archiving occurs when ARCHIVE FREQUENCY is set.

Default: ../archives

Example:ARCHIVE_DIRECTORY= ../archives

Data Science Model Directory

This is to configure the path of model directory that can be used to store trained models of all data science activities.

Default: ../DataScienceModels

Example: DATA_SCIENCE_MODEL_DIRECTORY=../DataScienceModels