Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Saving Reports

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After you have designed a high speed report layout, you may save it in repository for future reference. To save the changes made on High Speed View as a high speed report, you need to have rights to save reports in the category.

Click the Save save button button on the main menu on top to save a new report layout with a unique name or save changes to the existing layout.

Save High Speed Report
Figure 35: Save High Speed Report

High speed report Layouts are saved in a category in the repository.  You need to navigate to the category where you want to save the layout.

At the time of saving, you need to provide a unique Layout Name.

When you click Options, the dialog box expands.  This area has options that you can set for the layout being saved.

Along with the layout name application also saves the ID of the user who created the layout. You can specify your unique ID if System Generated option is unchecked.

Specify Description of the layout.

You can set the scope of the report to Public so that other users can view this report. The Private report can only be viewed by the user who created this report.

Click Save to save the report layout.

Buttons on the Save dialog:

When dialog opens, List View  list view icon is active, which lists categories and objects.  If you are dealing with large number of objects, you may search objects by attributes like last modified date or the person who created it.

To get such (and other object-based) details, switch to Detailed View by clicking Detailed View icon button.  In this view, columns of Owner (the organization and the user ID used to create the category/object), Last Modified Date and Content Type are displayed by default.  To view the columns that you want to see you need,

  1. While in Detailed View, right-click on any column heading to open a context-menu.
  2. Context-menu has checkboxes of columns that can be displayed. Check what you want to view and uncheck what you don’t.  Respective column will be instantly added / removed from the view.

To close the context-menu, click anywhere on the column heading.

If you wish to change the column width, take the mouse pointer towards the right boundary of the column-title till pointer changes to double-headed arrow. Now, drag it on the right or left to increase or decrease the column-width respectively.

You can also sort the column by clicking the column-title.

When a list has a large number of items, it becomes a bit difficult to navigate to the item you are looking for.  On the Save dialog, you can filter list using Quick Search and Advanced Search to get a smaller list.

Use Search to search the objects by Name. Click Search search icon to open the search box.  In the box, specify a few characters of the name.  The list will be refreshed with objects having the characters specified in the search box.

You can click arrow icon icon to specify multiple search criteria and click the Search button.

To return to the unfiltered list, click unfiltered icon button.  To view filtered list, click filter icon button.

Clicking Refresh List refresh icon refreshes the shown list of high speed reports fetched from the repository.