Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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Notify feature provides report users proactive information when a pre-set condition satisfies on report data.  For example, Intellicus can notify users by sending an alert during report generation when the total sale has exceeded over a set amount.

Notifications for a report are created during report design. When a report having notifications is uploaded to the portal, all the notifications set for that report along with that set for other reports are listed on Notification List page of the portal. Users can subscribe to a notification and set alerts that they want to receive. Alerts sent to users are viewed on the Alert Viewer page of portal.

To access Notification List screen,

  1. On the Desktop Studio screen, click button from the toolbar.
  2. On the Desktop Studio screen, from Format menu, click Notifications. The Notification screen appears.

Figure 9: Notifications screen

You can perform the following actions:

Action Comments
Add To add a new notification
Modify To modify a notification
Delete To delete a notification
Conditions To open Conditions screen to create a new condition
OK Save all the changes made to the notification
Cancel Close screen without making changes to the report
To add a notification

You can add a notification from Notifications screen. Notification details set on this screen appears on portal’s notification page as a standard notification message.

On the Notifications screen,

  1. Click Add The New Notification screen appears.

Figure 10: Notification Details (New Notification) dialog box

  1. In Name, specify a unique name for the notification being added.
  2. In Condition, Select the condition that would be evaluated. If the condition set here evaluates to true at the time of report generation, an alert is generated.
  3. In Title, specify a text that will appear as subject on the email.
  4. In Short Description, specify a text that will appear as a message on email (first line in message) and as a message on IM.
  5. In Description, specify a text that will appear as message on email. This text will not appear on IM.

Note: Context-Help is available on Title, Short Description and Description. Use context help to auto-populate field names, parameter names in these fields.

  1. Click OK to save the save the created notification. The newly added notification appears in the list on the Notifications

Note: To include values as a part of message, add them in the message enclosed in <% and %>.  For example, Profit increased by <%ProPer%>.  Where, ProPer is a field.

To modify a notification
  1. On the Notifications screen, select the notification that you want to modify. The Modify Notification screen appears.
  2. Edit/modify the required details.
  3. Click OK to save the changes.
To delete a notification
  1. On the Notifications screen, select the notification that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete The message, “You are trying to delete the selected item. Are you sure?” appears.
  3. Click OK to save the changes.