Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Dashboard Preferences

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From the dashboards that you either designed or are available to you, you need to select dashboards that should appear upon logging into the application. This task is performed on Dashboard Preferences page. The dashboards added under Dashboard Preferences get displayed when you login into Intellicus.

To open Dashboard Preferences tab, click Navigate > Personalization > Preferences > Dashboard Preferences.

Figure 13: Setting dashboard preferences

Dashboards are available under folders. To list dashboards created by all the users, select Show All Owners check box (available only to application administrators).

Selecting Dashboards for viewing

To shift a dashboard in Selected Dashboard(s) list, from Available Dashboard(s) list, select the dashboard by clicking it and click the  button. The selected dashboard is shifted to Selected Dashboard(s) list.

To remove a dashboard from Selected Dashboard(s) list, Select the dashboard from the list, and click the  button.

To decide sequence of dashboard tabs (left to right) as they would appear on the dashboard, make use of  and  buttons placed on the top-right of the Selected Dashboard(s) list.

You can remove all the selected dashboards by clicking  Clear All icon.

Click Save to save your dashboard preferences.