Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Power Viewer

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When you run an ad hoc report in HTML output format, the viewer provides a right-click menu that helps altering the report on the viewer itself. While viewing an ad hoc report in Power Viewer, you may want to try out sorting or grouping or repositioning columns or viewing a chart in different ways.  Below are some of the properties that can be set for Power Viewer.

Power Viewer tab
Figure 23: Power Viewer tab

Remove Previous Filter for Field

Set if the filter setup should be continued on a field if another filter is applied.  If unchecked, only one filter (set latest) will be applied on a field.

If checked, at a time all the filters setup on a field will be applied.

Action on Sort Order Image Click

Select the action that should be taken when user clicks Sort Order image on Power Viewer.  Select Change Order to reverse sort order of the field.  Select Make Primary to set the field as primary sort field.

Allow Refresh

Set how the actions taken on Power Viewer should be applied.  Select Immediate to apply the change immediately after it is done.  Select Delayed to apply changes once after making many changes.  Select Both to have flexibility to choose any of Immediate and Delayed.

Default Refresh

If Both is selected for Allow Refresh, select the default method of refresh.