Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Getting Started with Smart View

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What does Intellicus Smart View provide?

Intellicus’ Smart View helps to generate reports by simply selecting the data source. It enables end users to perform analytical operations on the report on-the-fly. The operations include adding/removing grids, charts, matrices, maps and performing grouping, sorting, highlighting etc. on various visualizations to get the business data in desired format.

For whom is it useful?

The business users of organizations can benefit from self-service business intelligence. The sophisticated visualizations will lead to self-reliant analysis of data.

Why is Intellicus Smart View essential?

Smart View provides powerful capabilities to the users to find trends, forecasting and highlighting.

Key Features

Data-centric Design

Intellicus’ Smart View enables creating samples of data while in design mode. This helps to quickly generate the report after applying desired visualizations like sorting, highlighting and more on a sample dataset.

Smart View facilitates to visualize actual data and at the same time decide on what data you want in your report.

Context-driven Tool

For better user experience, Smart View provides context-centric design for your report. For example, if the report contains grid, you have all the operations available to perform on grid under one toolbox. The grid would immediately refresh upon applying the visualizations.


You can use filters to limit the data that appears in the report. You can narrow the report data based on business conditions. You can apply multiple filter conditions using AND/OR combination.

A field could also be linked to one or more other fields for fetching available values for filtering. For example, you can filter states when a country is selected.

With Intellicus’ Smart View you can choose to either filter data or specify parameters’ values in case your report has user input parameters.


Grouping brings together or summarizes the related data of a report based on the grouping key.

Group key can be arranged in ascending or descending order either based on group key value or a detail field’s summary value. Smart View support multi-level grouping, for example, you can group the report data by country; within country by states and within states by cities.


This feature enables summarizing detail rows by applying summary functions on key values. The summaries can be applied at group level (in case grouping is applied), page level or report (grand total) level. For example, you can apply Sum function to ‘Sale Amount’ at Group level to view total sales amount of the grouped products.

Intellicus’ Sparkline charts represent a series of values as inline charts on the grid; example: you can see a series of total sale amount values for each sale date over a period of time.


You can sort the report to arrange the data in a pre-determined (ascending or descending) order.

Intellicus’ Smart View supports multiple level of sorting as well.  For example, you can Sort By ‘State’ and within ‘State’ sort by ‘City’.


Highlight is a visual indication to catch your attention to specific records or groups of records. The highlight is configured along with a business condition or multiple conditions related by AND/OR operators. For example, you can highlight sales persons with ‘Sales Value’ above and below a threshold value in different colors and styles.

You can also view the alerts generated upon critical business scenarios; for example, alerts highlight scenarios where the sales value is below the specified target.

Micro Charts

Micro Charts are miniature versions of actual charts, designed to help understand complex relationships between data in grids. The Micro Charts can be used to quickly visualize the trend of a metric at a glance without having to know any additional detail.

The following micro-charts are supported in Intellicus:

  • Bullet Chart to show a single, primary measure (for example, Sales Value) and compare that measure to one or more other measures to enrich its meaning (for example, compared to a Target Sales value). It displays it in the context of qualitative ranges of performance, such as sales value below or above the average target sales.
  • Data Bar in Smart Reports represents the current grid cell value as column. The column width is determined with respect to the maximum value of that column. It can have a base value from which column is drawn. If value is lesser than the base value, then column is drawn on the left side of the base value with different color and for values greater than the base value, chart is drawn on the right side of the base value.
Creating Infographics

The new infographic custom visual for Intellicus charts gives the flexibility to build both simple pictograms and complex highly tailored visuals. This lets you control the specific appearance of bar, column and bubble charts with precise control of shapes and layout so that you can represent information in a way that best tells the story of your data.

Predictive Analytics

Intellicus BI lets you work with different data science engines to make your data-driven decision-making more powerful. Data Science is the technology that helps in analyzing data, form co-relations and patterns, bring out intelligent insights and future predictions for businesses. It reads our historical data by doing machine learning and brings out all possible connections that help in better decision making. It can also predict what our data would look like in the future, thereby leaving little to no doubt what decision to make.

With Predictive and What-if analysis, business users can get predictions and analyze them based on different conditions. They can play with different parameters to achieve a desired outcome and make their business strategies accordingly.

Multi-view of Data

You can see representation of your data in the form of grid, chart, matrix or map simultaneously under various tabs of a single report. Visualization applied to a single tab would refresh data across all tabs.

Interactive Grid

Smart View grid is a table that contains related data in a logical series of rows and columns. These are used to analyze and compare detailed data and exact values in a tabular format. Data grid provides fast response for interactive analytic operations like filtering, sorting, highlighting, grouping and totaling on the grid.

Grouping in Grid
Figure 1: Grouping in Grid

Interactive Chart

Intellicus’ Smart View provides a highly interactive experience while using charts. You can create multi-dimensional charts of various types like Bar, Column, Pie, DoughNut, Scatter, Bubble to name a few.

You can create multiple charts in a single tab. You can also configure number of charts to be shown in each row. You can easily zoom in the chart to focus on specific details.

Intellicus’ real-time monitoring capability makes it possible for you to view your operations data in motion. Interactive charts provide instant visuals for in-depth analysis that enables you to quickly react to performance improvement opportunities.

Multiple Charts
Figure 2: Multiple Charts

Interactive Matrix

You can use matrix to summarize your report data in the form of cross-section of fields in rows and columns. With matrix, you can expand/collapse the group headers, re-size/ re-position columns and swap columns and rows.

Smart View enables you to show columns/rows in the report when a business condition is met. You can also highlight a cell, cell family, or an entire row or column of a matrix when a business condition is met.

You can link Matrix and Chart so that any changes made in one component gets automatically reflected in the other.

Interactive Matrix
Figure 3: Interactive Matrix

Interactive Map

GIS maps in smart reports offer enhanced mapping capabilities, demographic data, and interactive visualizations to best derive spatial analytics. It enables to zoom or pan the map, drill-down to other reports or external URLs, provide heat maps and show attributes on balloons.

Interactive Map
Figure 4: Map showing population of different areas in varying color gradients

Toggle between View and Edit modes

All report operations are easily accessible under one menu. You can directly switch to View mode from Edit mode and vice-versa with a single click. The report can be exported, published, emailed, uploaded or printed directly from the Smart View.

What next…

Intellicus’ Smart View is a simple way for everyone to generate reports on the fly. It offers an easy-to-use interface that enables self-serve and intuitive analysis, empowering business users turn insights into effective decisions.

Please contact us at: or visit for downloads and related links to further explore Smart View features.

The complete User Guide titled “WorkingwithSmartView.pdf” would be available on product download at <Intellicus installation location >/Intellicus/Docs/Manuals.