Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Designing Ad hoc Reports

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Ad hoc Report Designer – Introduction

Ad hoc Report Designer is a tool for non-technical, business end users to design or modify reports. By following simple steps, business users can design reports on their data and view or download them in different formats. There are multiple settings like filtering, highlighting, sorting etc. that gives options to modify your reports as per your exact needs.

In this document we will be taking you through different options in designing ad hoc reports and discuss their benefits.

The Ad hoc Report Designer is divided into sections, which appear as tabs. Each section’s functionality is discussed in the respective sections.

A user with the role of Report Designer having system privileges for Ad hoc Report Designer can design ad hoc reports.

Ad hoc report may have tabular data arrangement in the form of a matrix or as a chart. On Ad hoc Report Designer, you can also:

  • Sort the data to re-arrange it in order of your choice
  • Get totals / summaries
  • Highlight selective records (when a condition is met)

Ad hoc Report designing includes simple steps as selecting a data source and fields, applying grouping, filtering, etc. as required.  You can view the report immediately after it is designed.

When you click a tab, it opens to make respective settings on that tab. To close an open tab, click that tab again. You can also expand (or collapse) all tabs one underneath the other by clicking Expand All (or Collapse All).

Ad hoc Report Designer
Figure 1: Ad hoc Report Designer


  • Ad hoc Report Designer is configurable for many options that it provides. Your administrator may further simplify your experience in creating or editing by removing some options on the Report Designer.
  • When you run an ad hoc report in HTML output format, the viewer provides a right-click menu that helps altering the report on the viewer itself. To know more about the menu options, refer UsingPowerViewer
  • You can also customize the toolbar when a report is viewed in HTML output format. To know about customizing toolbar of HTML Viewer, you can refer to CustomizingHTMLViewer