Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Building a Cube

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After saving the analytical object, click the Build button to choose either Full, Incremental or Consolidated build (as explained under Menu Actions). The Build Status bar is shown on top of the cube build summary screen.

Once you click the Build Status bar, you see the below details:

  • Log entries of current data processing details by Report Engine
  • Status: Building, Error, Completed
  • Size on Disk
  • Time elapsed from initiation
  • An eraser icon eraser icon to clear the logs from this screen
  • A Cancel icon Cancel icon to cancel the background Build activity
  • Build History shows the build summary of current and previous builds on clicking the Build Status hyperlink that appears on top of the cube

Build Status
Figure 12: Build Status

When No Build activity is going on, then this bar shows:

  • Last Build Status
  • Size on Disk
  • Time elapsed in building last cube

Note: Any change made to the analytical object requires re-building of the cube.