Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Parameter Objects

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In Intellicus, a report gets its data by running pre-prepared query objects.  If a query needs a user input at run time, it must have a user-defined parameter associated with it.  The values of input parameters are prompted from the user while running the report.

Under Working with Parameter Objects, you will find the information to create, modify and delete parameter objects. All the details associated with creating parameter objects in all possible ways are specified in the respective sub-category.

Note: It is suggested that all required parameter objects are designed before proceeding to create a query object that may use a parameter object.

Since parameters are stored in repository, they can be used in one or more report and query objects.

To create and save a Parameter Object in a specific category, you need Read and Write permissions for Parameter Objects in that category.

The parameters can be reused in multiple reports and multiple query objects. Once the parameters are created, access if provided to all the users to use the parameters. However, the administrator can grant or revoke the access rights to use a parameter object.

Parameters are usually prefixed by prm and specified as <%prm_%> in a query. For example, Select distinct city from Country where state in<%prm_state%>

Various types of parameters are Linked parameters, Boolean-type parameters, Multi-select parameters and so on.

You can access parameters using the Parameter Object Editor.

To open the Parameter Object Editor, you can choose to navigate in either of the below ways:

  • Navigate > Design > Parameter Object
  • Navigate > Repository > Report Objects > Parameter

Parameter Object Editor
Figure 1: Parameter Object Editor

Refer to the next section for further information on creating parameters using Parameter Object Editor.