Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Parameters Form Layout

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When a report has run time parameter(s), Input Parameters Form (IPF) appears on screen at report run time.  The layout of the IPF can be set on Parameters Form Layout screen.

Figure 5: Parameters Form Layout

To access this screen,

  • On menu bar, click Tools > Parameters Form Layout
  • On toolbar, click button.

Provide the following information:

  • Description: Description that should appear on Input Parameter Form when it is displayed at runtime.
  • No. of Parameters in a row: Number of parameters that should appear in a row on Input Parameter Form.

Enter 0 (Zero) for auto adjusting parameter form. When you enter zero, the engine decides the number of parameters that should appear in a row.

Click Add Script button to open Script Editor screen and write scripts.

At Parameters Details level (Form level), OnSubmit() event is supported. It means, script is executed when you click OK / Run button on Parameter Details screen.

If such a report is scheduled, Parameter Details screen is presented at the time of setting the schedule and script will be executed at the time of scheduling.

Script can access any parameter of the report. This includes parameter objects (even if not imported) and global business parameters. This will be Read-only access (parameter objects and global business parameters).

If all the parameter values are valid, it will return ‘True’. If one parameter value is invalid, it will return ‘False’ and report will not be executed. You can set an error message that should be displayed to the user in parameter value is invalid.

Note: In case of JavaScript error, Report Server will respond with ERROR.

Click OK to save the changes and close the screen.  Click Cancel to abandon the changes and close the screen.

When you preview the report in Studio having three or more parameters, Input Parameter Form having up to three parameters in a row will appear.

Figure 6: Report Parameters having description and three parameters in a row

The Report Parameters screen appears in the following cases:

  • When you open the report or refresh the fields.
  • When you click the Preview tab to preview the report.
  • When you click the OK tab of SQL Editor.

Using Report Parameters in SQL Editor

The parameter that you defined through the parameter window can be used under multiple options as required. In SQL editor you can use this parameter along with the column list as long as it conforms to the SQL syntax.

Important: Make sure that you use the parameter in the SQL enclosed between ‘<%’ and ‘%>’.

When you execute this SQL, the supplied parameter values will replace the parameter defined between ‘<%’ and ‘>%’ symbols. It is important to use single quotes while using these parameters. For example:

Select * from table1 where name = ‘<%prm_agencyname%>’

Using Report Parameters in Layout Editor

You can also use the defined parameters through the field window of the Layout Editor. To use the parameters, refresh this window (View > Refresh Field List) and drag the parameter fields to the Report Layout window in the Layout Editor.