Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Linking a Dashboard Widget

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Multiple widgets can be placed on a dashboard. You can link items in one widget to other widgets. When you click an item in a widget, the linked widget’s data will get refreshed. Widgets should contain a grid, chart or map to link them. To link widgets based on same query object, you need to select the Link option from the Widget menu. Select the item in one widget to link it to the other widget. Let us understand widget linking with the below example.

Example: Widget one is a map report that shows sales figures for various US states. Widget two is a chart report with Target Sales (y-axis) and Sales Person (x-axis). Widget three is a report with grid having fields: Sales Person name, Target Sales value, Sales Achieved etc. The widget one is linked with widget two and widget two is linked to widget three. When you click on state name in widget one, all the sales persons under the selected state are displayed in widget two. When you click on a sales person’s name in widget two, the widget three displays the detailed report of selected sales person for the already selected state(in widget one).

Widget Linking
Figure 9: Widget Linking

Steps to Link Widgets

  • Create a report containing chart.
  • From ‘Widget Properties’ go to Link Widgets. Click on the button beside the Link Widget.
  • Under Chart > ‘Item(s)’ select the value you want to link.
  • Under ‘Widget(s)’ select the report with which you want to link the report. The report you select needs to have the y-axis attribute as its one of the fields.
  • Click Ok to save the changes and close the window.
  • Save the report.

Widget Linking
Figure 10: Widget Linking

You can add more links by clicking the plus sign.

Place the widgets on the dashboard. When you click on the chart on widget you would notice that the linked widget is refreshed.