Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Modifying Entity Properties

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You can modify the category name, report name, deployment name, query object name, parameter object name, and cube object name based on your requirement. This modification reflects only to your local system and not the main database.

For example, if you modify category name ‘Demo’ as ‘Demotest’, the parent category remains the same and the category name changes only in your local system.

On the iPackager name.conf screen:

Figure 11: Modifying configuration file

    1. Right click on the entity (example, Demo), and click Properties. The Category Property screen is displayed.

      Figure 12: Modifying category properties
    2. Rename the category.
    3. Click Update to update the new category.

      You cannot change the property of Printer Settings, Web Client Properties, Report Server Properties and License File.

    4. You can also do the following:
      • if Exists:
        • Select the Overwrite check box to overwrite the entity which is already available in the repository. This replaces the entity in repository with the one in bundle.
        • Select the Delete check box to delete the entity available in the repository.
        • Select the Cascade Delete check box to delete the entire folder along with its sub-folders.

      The Cascade Delete option appears only for selected entities such as category names but not for objects inside the main category. For example, the Cascade Delete option appears for Reports and not for Query Objects.

      • if Not Exists
        • Click Add check box to add the entity to the repository.

For Connection settings, the screen changes as below:

Figure 13: Modifying connection properties

You cannot change the License File properties.