Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Using System Parameters

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You can use system parameters to display date and time, or other values on the report. Previously defined parameters will be visible in the field list window of the Layout Editor. You can simply drag them on the layout window.

The system parameters are global parameters that can be used in any report, as per the requirements.

Apart from the parameters defined by you, there a set of other system parameters that Studio supports:

  • SYS_DATE: Provides system date.
  • SYS_TIME: Provides system time.
  • SYS_LOCALE: Provides report output language.
  • SYS_REPORT_FORMAT: Provides Report output format.
  • SYS_REPORT_ID: Report ID of currently executing report.
  • SYS_CATEGORY_ID: Provides the category under which the report is running.
  • SYS_REPORT_NAME: Provides the name of the report name stored in repository.
  • SYS_USER_PARAMS: Provides the string of user parameters with values.
  • SYS_SORT_PARAMS: Provides the string of sort parameters.
  • SYS_REQUEST_ID: A unique ID allotted by report server to the report.
  • SYS_PAGENO: Current Page no.
  • SYS_FILTER_PARAMS: All filter parameters and values.
  • SYS_GROUPBY: All “group by” parameters in Adhoc reports.
  • SYS_USERID: The user ID using which user logged into Studio.
  • SYS_ORGID: The ORG ID of the user who has logged into Studio.
  • SYS_FIRST_RECORD: Returns -1 if current record is the first record in result-set. Returns 0 for other records.  This is useful to check “First record” or “Not first record” conditions during scripting.
  • SYS_LAST_RECORD: Returns -1 if current record is the last record in result-set. Returns 0 for other records.  This is useful to check “Last record” or “Not last record” conditions during scripting.