Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Geospatial Lookup

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Intellicus provides a mechanism to perform lookup for geographical coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) and geospatial information (i.e. Country, State, City, Zip Code, IP Address).

To enable this step on Query Object screen, you need to create a GIS Lookup connection (viz. MaxMind). The REST URI, access key, username, password etc. is to be provided if lookup provider is a REST web service.

In Provider, choose Lookup.

Lookup connection
Figure 6: Lookup connection

Provide the following properties to create a Lookup connection

Property Values Comments
Connection Name Type Yourself Name the Lookup connection
Provider Lookup Select this option to create a lookup connection
Look Up Type Select GEO-LOCATION from the list Type of lookup operations (like geo coding, reverse geocoding, currency conversion etc.)
Platform Select MaxMind from the list External platform/lookup service provider for the selected Lookup Type
Authentication Mode None

Basic Authentication

No authentication is required

The application directly uses the username and password to authenticate the lookup service

REST_URI Type Yourself The URI path of your REST web service
Max Rows Type Yourself Specify the maximum number of rows to be fetched from dataset
Username Type Yourself Username used to open the connection
Password Type Yourself Password for the connection

Blank= If username and password is not required to connect to the platform

Runtime= To provide username and password when user tries to access platform

Connection String Auto generated Connection String to connect to platform
Mask Connection String Check/Uncheck If checked connection string is masked
Charset Encoding Select from list Select UTF-8 if the database is created or started with UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise, it is blank