Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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The Basics

CVistaParam is an active X control. With the help of CVistaParam user can provide parameters value at run time. Parameters are the conditions provided for retrieval of reports. User can provide the parameter value at runtime and retrieve the related data from the database. CVistaParam provides a mechanism by which user can provide parameter value at run time. After taking values of parameters from user, CVistaParam updates report parameters accordingly and sets the result back to the user.

APIs exposed

The APIs exposed by CVistaParam are:


API for Validating the ReportParameters as well as serves as the getter methods for the ReportParameters object after updating its state after accepting the inputs from the User.


This API Checks whether the parameters are initialized for the control or not.

IsValid(VARIANT_BOOL bShowMsg)

This API is used for checking whether all the mandatory parameters have been set or not. The parameter is used to specify whether the Control itself or the host application is responsible for showing the Error message. Returns a Boolean TRUE is all the Mandatory parameters have been set else returns a FALSE.

SetConnectionName(BSTR bstrConnectionName)

This API sets the Connection name. Input to this API is name of the connection.

SetCriteriaTabCaption(BSTR bstrCaption)

This API Sets the Criteria tab Caption. Input to this API is caption.

SetReportParameters(IReportParameters* pReportParameters)

This API is used for setting the ReportParameters Object by the Host Application. This API is also responsible for drawing the controls for the parameter Form.

SetSortTabCaption(BSTR bstrCaption)

This API Sets the Sort Tab Caption. Input to this API is caption

SetUserInfo(IUserInfo* pUserInfo)

This API is used to set the user information. The input to this API is an object of IUserInfo.