Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Creating Panoramic View

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Intellicus’ High Speed View helps to create multiple views based on all dimensions of the selected cube. Click Create Panorama under ellipses icon icon that appears on the extreme right side of the screen under “Fields” tab in front of the ‘Dimensions’ heading. A pop-up window appears that enables you to choose measure(s) for the panoramic view. If the list of measures is long, you can search the measure names by entering few characters in the “Search” text box.

Panorama pop-up
Figure 7: Create Panorama pop-up

For the selected measure(s) as shown in Figure 7, this would create different views for different dimensions using all the levels in a dimension hierarchy. For example, if there are five dimensions in the cube, five different views would be created.

Your first high speed report is ready for analysis (as shown in Figure 8).

Panoramic View of all Dimensions
Figure 8: Panoramic View of all Dimensions

This view can also be created for a single dimension using all its levels and attributes. To do this, you need to hover the mouse on a dimension and click Create Panorama under ellipses icon icon in front of that particular dimension.

Panoramic View of the selected Dimension
Figure 9: Panoramic View of the selected Dimension

New panoramic views are created in addition to the already created views. All the views are linked by default, so that based on selected value(s) in a view all other views in the report get filtered.

Let us now look at the various properties and functions that can be performed on the high speed view.