Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Installing Python on Windows

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In this chapter we have discussed the steps to install Python on a Windows machine.

Below are the Steps to install Python on your Windows system:

  1. #Check if Python is already installed on the system

Navigate to cmd and run command   python –version

  1. #If Python version is greater than or equal to 3.5, skip to “Installing Intellicuspy” section

#If Python is not installed or Python version is lower than the above specified version, follow the below steps

  1. Open a browser window, enter and navigate to the download page for Windows
  2. Underneath the heading that says Python releases for Windows, click on the link for the latest Python 3 Release – Python 3.x.x. (the latest till the September 2019 is Python 3.6.5.)]
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select either Windows x86-64 executable installer for 64-bit or Windows x86 executable installer for 32-bit. (See below.)

#Sidebar: 32-bit or 64-bit Python?

For Windows, you can choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer. Following are the differences:

If your system has a 32-bit processor, then you should choose the 32-bit installer.

On a 64-bit system, either installer will work for most purposes. The 32-bit version will generally use less memory, but the 64-bit version performs better for applications with intensive computation.

If you’re unsure which version to pick, we recommend going with the 64-bit version.

Note: If the version you install does not function or is somehow not your preference and you would like to switch to another version of Python; uninstall Python and then re-install a desired version by downloading the installer from

  1. Once you have downloaded an installer, double click on the installer to run it.

Note: You need to check the box that says Add Python 3.x to PATH as shown to ensure that the interpreter will be placed in your execution path.

  1. Click Install Now
  2. Check if Python is installed on the machine correctly

python –version