Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Upgrade Cluster from 5.x to 7.x

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The upgrade process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Backup required files and folders
  2. Un-install previous version of Cluster
  3. Install and start new version of Cluster

Note that you must take full backup of Intellicus Cluster installation folder and of the Intellicus   repository   database   before   starting   step 2.   Intellicus   repository database stores all the reports, query objects and other user preference information.

Uninstall  process  retains  few  files,  and  does not  delete  them  unless  specifically mentioned in respective install document.

Ensure that newly installed Intellicus Cluster points to the same old repository database as its repository. During its first boot up, the new version of Intellicus report server automatically upgrades the repository schema and also upgrades all the objects to makes them compatible with new Intellicus Cluster. This is a non-reversible action. In case you decide to go back to previous version you must use the backed up repository database.

Backup System Files


Intellicus license is placed at

<installation folder>IntellicusClusterClusterReportEnginebin

When you upgrade to new major you will need to upgrade your license too. You may need to send your old license to your Intellicus sales representative to request a new upgraded license file.

Connection Configurations

Intellicus connection configurations file encr_reportengine.dat is placed at

<installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEngineConfig

Do not over write this file during installation or restore from your backup. Using the old file report server will connect to all the databases that were configured earlier.

In case this file reportengine.dat file (apart from encr_reportengine.dat) exists in  the  same folder you  must  delete  and  destroy  reportengine.dat  for  data security purposes.

Backup Folders and Files

The following folders and files should be backed up for any case of recovery. Each folder location and purpose of the files is mentioned below. There are no changes in these folders unless specified.


Purpose: Retains all saved report snapshots

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginerpg


Purpose: Retains H2 database content. In case repository is set to HSQLDB or H2, then this folder contains all your repository content including reports and query object definitions.

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginedata


Purpose: Stores mailer templates

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginemails


Purpose: Stores Ad hoc template files

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginetemplatesadhoc


Purpose: Stores Report Server Boot Up


Path: <installationfolder>

Method: Take a backup of previous version Installing new Intellicus Cluster allows it to overwrite this file.

Merge the property values of which you have made any changes specifically in your installation.


Path: IntellicusPortalJakartawebappsintellicusclientlang

File: You may need to merge your customized en_US.xls entries into the newly       installed file.


Purpose: Configuring behaviour of respective areas

Extended Input Validation configuration

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEngineconfig

Backup these files, if exists, in case you have customized this file

File: exin_validations.xls


Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEngineconfig

Backup these files, if exists, in case you have customized this file

File: formatmapping.xls

Database mapping

Path: <installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEngineconfig

Uninstall Intellicus Cluster 5.x


Here are the steps to uninstall Intellicus Cluster 5.x installed on Windows:

Stop Intellicus Cluster services

Stop Cluster Report Server and Web Portal from All Programs > Intellicus> IntellicusCluster.

Next click Uninstall Cluster Report Server.

You also need to uninstall Shared Report Server from Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Delete files and folders


Uninstall program may not delete some of the files and folders.  Delete following files:

For Windows XP / Windows 2003:

  • C:WINDOWSsystem32IntellicusEngineService.exe
  • C:WINDOWSsystem32IntellicusEngineService.ini

For Windows 2000:

  • C:WINNTsystem32IntellicusEngineService.exe
  • C:WINNTsystem32IntellicusEngineService.ini


  • IntellicusPortalJakarta folder contains old compiled class files and old tomcat server. If this folder is not removed, Intellicus may continue using old files to give un-expected results or errors.

Delete IntellicusPortalJakarta folder.  Path of this folder is:

<installation folder>IntellicusPortalJakarta

  • IntellicusPortaljre folder contains java runtime. If this folder is not removed, Intellicus may  continue  using  old  files  to  give  un -expected  results  or errors.

Delete IntellicusPortaljre folder, if exists. Path of this folder is:

<installation folder>IntellicusPortaljre

  • IntellicusClusterReportEngine folder contains old log files and other property files. If this folder is not removed, Intellicus may give un-expected results or errors.

Delete IntellicusClusterReportEngine folder.  Path of this folder is:

<installation folder>IntellicusClusterClusterReportEnginebin

Install Intellicus Cluster 7.x

Steps to Install Intellicus Cluster are provided in this document under section “Installation and Configuration”.

Restore 5.x configurations

After installing Intellicus Cluster 7.x, take these steps to re-apply old Intellicus Cluster custom configurations.

Note: Please stop Cluster Report Server and Web Portal before restoring the configuration.

Restoration points and Restore types

Configuration/Files Type of restoring
Encr_reportengine.dat Restore old file
RPG folder Restore old folder
Data folder Restore old folder (See warnings below)
Mails Restore old folder
Template files Merge custom changes into newly installed templates

(See warnings below)

Resource bundler files Merge custom changes into newly installed bundler files

(See warnings below) Merge custom changes   into newly installed report engine properties file
CategoryPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure Newly installed  file prevails
QOPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure Newly installed  file prevails
ReportPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure Newly installed file prevails
exin_validations.xls Merge custom changes into newly installed validations file
FormatMapping.xls Merge custom changes  into newly installed format mapping File
databasemapping.xls Merge custom changes into newly installed database mapping file Merge custom changes into newly installed report client properties file

Replace the contents of “data” folder

Place the backed up contents of “data” folder at path:


<installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginedata

Replace the modified template files

Templates files are available at path (on server):


<installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEnginetemplatesadhoc

Restoring resource bundles

Restore the resource bundles folder at following location:


This folder is placed at path:

<installation folder>IntellicusSharedReportEngine

Restoring en_US.xls

If you have modified “en_US.xls‟ language bundler file then you need to merge those changes in latest language bundler file present at path:


This folder is placed at path:


Start new Intellicus Cluster


To start Cluster Report Server, click Start > All Programs > Intellicus > IntellicusCluster and then click respective shortcut.

To start Web Portal, click Start > All Programs > Intellicus > IntellicusPortal and then click respective shortcut.