Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Conditional Formatting

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Using conditional formatting, you can apply formatting based on the outcome of pre-set conditions (set at design time) and checked at run time. Conditional formatting is applied at runtime on a field or a label control as shown in the examples below:

  • Display the record in Bold if result of a student is ‘Fail’.
  • Display the figure in red and in braces if the profit figure is ‘Negative’.
  • Display the sales value in light blue background if the sales target is met, in yellow if the target is missed by up to 25 %, and in red if it is missed by more than 25%.

Before applying conditional formatting, you should set the required conditions and required formats.

To apply formats to controls

Conditional formats are applied to a control or a label using Conditional Formatting screen. Before opening the Conditional Formatting screen, select the control on which the format is to be applied.

To access Conditional Formatting screen,

  1. On the Desktop Studio screen, click button from the toolbar.
  2. On the Desktop Studio screen, from Format menu, click Conditional Formatting. The Conditional Formatting screen appears.

Figure 8: Conditional Formatting screen

You can perform the following actions:

Action Comments
Add To create/add a new conditional format
Delete To delete the selected conditional format
Import To import the pre-existing conditional formatting
Export To export the newly created conditional formatting
Conditions To open Conditions screen to create a new condition
Formats To open Styles screen to create a new style/format
OK Save all the changes made to the condition
Cancel Close screen without making changes to the report
To apply/create conditional formatting

On the Conditional Formatting screen,

  1. Click Add The Conditional Formatting screen appears.
  2. Select a condition from On Condition drop-down list, for which you want to apply a format.
  3. Select the format from Apply Style drop-down list that you want to apply for the selected condition of the control.

Note: When you apply styles to a control from style drop down box, respective properties of the control will not automatically change (in property pane).

  1. After applying formatting preferences for all the conditions, click OK button to save the created conditional formatting. The newly designed conditional formatting appears in the list on the Conditions Formatting.