Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based Visualizations

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With Intellicus’ data visualization capabilities, you can let your creativity flow when telling the story of your data unlike ever before. You are no longer tied to bar charts and pie graphs. Now, you can display comprehensive maps, entire shop floors, images of trucks or animals, and virtually any relatable image to the business. This provides responsive, interactive charts that facilitates you to build pictograms and custom-tailored visuals. You can place the SVG template folder (containing SVG image, HTML and CSS files) under <Intellicus installation folder>IntellicusReportEnginetemplatesihtml

The above folder would be available at Administration > Configure > Config Files > iHTML Template Files on portal as shown in Figure 14.

iHTML Template Files
Figure 14: iHTML Template Files

Next, you need to configure the iHTML template. Go to Navigate->Design->Ad hoc Template and choose a template that you want to map the iHTML template with. Select your iHTML template under iHTML item. Click Save to save the configuration.

Ad hoc Template
Figure 15: Ad hoc Template Configuration

You can now use this SVG template to design an ad hoc report. Go to Navigate->Design->Ad hoc Report and select the desired Query Object as a data source.

Query Object with Template
Figure 16: Selected Query Object with Template

With iHTML as the Report Format, select the template that you had mapped the SVG template with. The SVG Mapping tab is now visible at the top on the Ad hoc toolbar.

Go to the Chart tab to create a chart for your ad hoc report.

Chart in Ad hoc report
Figure 17: Chart in an Ad hoc Report

Under SVG Mapping tab, select a container on the SVG image and link this to the above created chart.

Link SVG Container to Chart
Figure 18: Link SVG Container to Chart

Note: A single chart control can be mapped with a single container only.

You can run the ad hoc report with your SVG template as shown in the image below.

Chart using SVG Template
Figure 19: Chart using SVG Template