Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Adding Reports/ Widgets on Dashboards

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To add a dashboard, follow the below steps –

Go to Navigate > Design > Dashboard Designer

By default, a tab titled Dashboard1 opens on the Dashboard.  Next step is to add either reports, existing widgets or placeholders on the dashboard.

Adding reports or dashboard-widgets on the dashboard

Under Elements menu option, you can see the reports or existing widgets under categories.  You can either drag and drop or double-click the report or widget onto the dashboard. A dashboard widget gets automatically created under the category (same as that of the report) when adding a report to the dashboard. You should have “Dashboard Designer” System Privileges to be able to design a dashboard with prebuilt widgets. You should have “Widget Designer” System Privileges to be able to design a widget on the dashboard.

The widgets appear with a  symbol in front of their names in Elements pane on the right panel. The reports when added to the dashboard is shown in Figure 4.

Adding a Report on Dashboard
Figure 4: Adding Report on Dashboard

A Slideshow gets automatically created if you add a category onto the dashboard. We have discussed slideshows in detail in the slideshow section.

You can re position and resize the widgets on the dashboard simply by dragging them. Double-clicking the widget header maximizes the widget so that you can better visualize the report or widget data.