Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Operation on Schedules

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You can add, modify, and delete a scheduled job. On the Schedule Job List screen,

Figure 25: Add scheduled job

Click Add. The Job Details screen appears. Fill in the required details and click Save to add the job. The newly added job appears in the scheduled job list.

Hover the mouse over the Name field to view Modify Job option. Click Modify Job option and make the required changes on the job details. Click Save to save the modified job.

Hover the mouse over the three dots to view Modify, Job Execution Status, and Delete options.

Click Delete option. The message, “Deleting the Dedicated Job” appears. Click OK to delete.

Note: If you delete a job that is currently being executed, it will continue to execute.

Click Job Execution Status option. The Job Execution Status screen appears.

Figure 26: Job Execution Status

You can view chart depicting status analysis of jobs, that is, succeeded jobs, failed jobs, completed jobs, upcoming jobs, and cancelled jobs. These schedules are your private schedules.