Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

View Alerts

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Alert Viewer

Alerts generated based on your subscriptions are listed on this page.  Select an alert to view its detail.  A closed envelop icon in the first column indicates that you have not viewed details of that alert.  Once an alert is opened closed envelope icon changes to open envelop.

List can be sorted by Title, Read / Unread status, Notification Name and Date/Time.  Present sort order is indicated by the triangle or inverted triangle icon in respective column header.

Click an alert in the list to view its details.  Detail appears on the lower part of page.

Click the Arrow keys to get previous or next alert onscreen.

To delete an alert

Click ‘x’ button available in the last column of respective row.

To view data

Click the View link of respective alert row to open the published report.

To mail alert information
  1. Click the Email button when the alert is open.  Email Report dialog opens up.
  2. For Send Report As, select Link to send link of the published report or click Attachment to attach the report along with mail.
  3. Specify recipients’ email IDs in To and CC as needed.
  4. Click the Mail Now button to send the mail.
To edit subscription of a notification

Click the Edit Subscription button when an alert of that notification is open.

To unsubscribe a notification

Click the Unsubscribe button when an alert of that notification is open.  After unsubscribing, Unsubscribe and Edit Subscription button will appear disabled when an alert received under that notification (the one that was unsubscribed) is clicked.

To label an alert

Labeling alerts helps locate an alert.  When an alert is labeled, its color in alert list is changed.  Click the right label from Set Label drop-down box when an alert is open.  Colors for the labels are:

  • Important: Red
  • Work: Orange
  • Personal: Green
  • To do: Blue
  • Later: purple