Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Connecting to a File Source

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To connect to a file source, please follow the below steps –

  1. Login to Intellicus – Navigate – Administration – Configure – Databases Tab
  2. Click Add
  3. The page will display the following options

Creating a file connection
Figure 1: Adding a file system-based connection

Connection Properties

Item Values Comments
Connection Name Provide a name as per your preference This connection is used as a file-system to exchange data, and this name will be required while creating connection to Python
Provider Select from the drop down Intellicus stores the temporary processing data as a file, hence you need to select ‘Files/Stream’
Driver Type Select from the drop down You need to select ‘Network Path’ to specify the location to save your file
LOCATION Provide the location where the file will be saved This location will be used by Python and Intellicus to exchange data while processing the data.

Make sure you uncheck read only in the settings of this connection as it will be accessed by both Intellicus and Data Science environment to exchange data.

Once you have given the required details, you can Test your connection if it has been successfully created, Save it once you get the message ‘Connection Test Succeeded.’ Cancel if you want to start afresh.

You can Delete a connection once you have saved it.