Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Data Source

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Data Source
Figure 13: Data Source tab

Report Output Format Selection

If selected (checked), you will be able to select output format of the report.

Show Option to Hide Report Details

If selected (checked), option to hide report details will appear.  In this case only group headers and summaries will appear on the report.  Each individual record will not appear.

Show Option to Set Template

If selected (checked), a dropdown box having options of templates will appear on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View page.  You can select the template to be used with the report.

Show Option to Set Report Title

Check this checkbox to display Report Title text box on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.  It is used to specify report title for the report being designed.  By default, Query name is displayed as report title on the report.  If Report Title text box is displayed, users can specify title of the report which will be displayed on the report.

Default Template

Specify the default template to be used while generating reports using Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

Default Selected Output Format

This represents report output format that should appear as selected.

While Editing Ad hoc Reports

Display-Fields Selection From

Select the way display-fields selection should be done.

  • Dual List is an arrangement of Available List and Selected List. Fields are selected and shifted to either list.
  • Checkbox arrangement lists all the fields with a check box. Select (check) or clear (uncheck) a checkbox to get the field on report or remove it from the report respectively.

Fetch Query Object As

Set when query object should be fetched – at the time of opening Ad hoc Report Wizard or only when the respective query object is selected.  If it is set to PREFETCH, fields detail is fetched at the time of opening Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.  If it is set to LAZY, fields detail is fetched only when respective query object is selected from the dropdown box.

Show Grouped Fields

If selected, fields will appear by groups set in query object.  This will happen only if selected query object has fields assigned to groups.  All the fields in a group can be selected by clicking group name.

Display Custom Align Option

If selected (checked), option for alignment of fields will appear on Power Viewer.  This will be available on right-clicking a field.

Allowed Query Editor Operations

If set to FULL, Query Editor link will appear next to drop down box listing data sources on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.  Clicking this link user can open Report Objects page in new window and work with report objects.  If set to NONE, this link will remain invisible on the Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

Retain Design On Query Change

A query object is selected and either or all (filters, sorting, grouping or totals etc.) operations are applied.  Now, you select another query object.  The query object can have same fields or different fields.  For all the fields that are same in the already selected query object and the query object which is recently selected, any operation (filters, sorting, grouping or totals etc.) performed on query object will not be lost.  Check the checkbox to retain the design on query change.

Show Render As Option

If checked for Number field, option shall be given to you for choosing options like Data bar. Data bar renders numbers as a horizontal bar whose size is in ratio to its value.