Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

What will continue to appear in English

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Even after configuring, some of the items will continue to appear in English.

Report Server and third party messages

Intellicus users interact with Intellicus portal, which in turn communicates with Intellicus Report Server.  Due to any reasons (generally beyond control of Intellicus) if Report Server is not able to serve a request, it responds with an error message.

Error message in english
Figure 5: Error message appearing in English

Such messages coming from report server and third party components will continue to appear in English.

Property values

During report design, user needs to set various properties of report components. For example, component name, chart type, its data source and other options for chart component, etc. These values are stored along with report layout (IRL file).

Property values in English
Figure 6: Property values that go in IRL appear in English

These property values appearing on web studio as well as other portal pages like Ad hoc Report Wizard will continue to appear in English.

Numeric values

All the numeric values will continue to appear in English. For example, calendar, serial numbers on portal pages and default values on various dialog boxes.

Calendar in English
Figure 7: Calendar having numbers in English