Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Network Settings

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Listener IP Address

Specify an IP address for this property to make Report Server listen to the requests coming from the specified IP only.  Keeping it blank will make Report Server listen to requests coming from any IP.

Default: blank


Listener Port

This is the port to be used for communication between Intellicus report server and client (portal and Desktop Studio).  Valid value for the port is any integer greater than zero.

New value set for this property will come into effect after server re-start.

Default: 45450

Example: LISTENER_PORT=45450

Note: The report server will not boot up in case the port number specified is in use by any other application.


Host URL

This is the host URL (URL to be specified to run Intellicus application) which will be prefixed to the published report links generated for emailing.

Syntax: HOST_URL=[Host URL](String)

Default: http://localhost/intellicus

Example: HOST_URL=http://localhost/Intellicus

Hyperlink Relative path

Configure the relative web path with respect to the integrated host application. This value is prefixed in hyperlinks to form an appropriate URL for linked reports and related web pages.

Intellicus uses this file to create hyperlink in a report that will open a child report when clicked.  Default value for this property will work fine when Intellicus is deployed as a stand-alone application.

Syntax: HYPERLINK_RELATIVE_PATH=[hyperlink relative path](string)

Default: ../../../InteraController.jsp

Example: HYPERLINK_RELATIVE_PATH=../../../InteraController.jsp

Compress Network Data

This property is to enable or disable compression of network data.  Client (portal) as well as report server can communicate with each other in compressed mode resulting in performance improvement.  To compress network data, set this property to enable.  Set this property to disable to continue the communication in uncompressed mode.

Default: Disable


Drilldown Max URL Length

This property defines the method to be used for HTTP request submission.  If the length of drilldown URL is more than the property value, POST method will be used. In other case, GET method will be used.

Default: 2000


Priority Thread Pool Size

To specify the pool size of priority threads.


Default: 5


Secure Connection Ports (specified as a range of ports)

To specify the range of port numbers for communicating with secured connections.

Syntax: SECURE_CONNECTION_PORTS=[50100-50200] (String)

Default: 50100-50200

Example: SECURE_CONNECTION_PORTS=50100-50200

SSH Public Key Path

To specify the path to SSH (Secure Shell) public key.

Syntax: SSH_PUBLIC_KEY_PATH=[] (String)

Default: blank

Example: SSH_PUBLIC_KEY_PATH=blank

SSH Private Key Path

To specify the path to SSH (Secure Shell) private key.

Syntax: SSH_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH=[] (String)

Default: blank