Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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This property is used to enable or disable security features of Intellicus.

If it is set to enable, users will have to provide their login using their username and password to work with Intellicus.  They will be allowed to use only those features for which they have been provided the access rights.

If it is set to disable, all the features of Intellicus will be available to everyone.

New value set for this property comes into effect after server re-start.

Default: enable


Note: When security is disabled, all the user dependent features like data masking will not be available.

Warning: When Report Server is running in Non-Secured Mode, any user can access any report.

Log Level

This property is to set the level of criticality to be considered for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL.  FATAL, ERROR and WARN are the levels recommended for production use. INFO and DEBUG are recommended only during trouble shooting.

Default: ERROR


Click Log Files to view the server log files.  You can choose to download or purge any / all log files appearing in the list for analysis. You can also view the server bootup log files.

Note: When log file size reaches 10 MB server renames it and starts logging in a new file.

Deployment Type

This property configures whether the report server is running as standalone or as part of a cluster. This enables load balancer communications and avoids multiple execution of scheduled reports in a clustered environment. This is a license specific property.