Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps

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Geographic Information System (GIS) maps in Intellicus offer enhanced geographic data mapping capabilities, through interactive visualizations to best derive spatial analytics. You can zoom or pan the map, drill-down to other reports or external URLs, view attributes on balloons. Unleashing the power of location intelligence supports decision making from marketing to supply chain logistics and operations.
It allows report designers to feed in data and plot points on a map such as an actual street address or larger geographic area like zip codes, counties, states, countries, etc. Areas can also be color-coded based on the underlying data to show how specific areas are performing (e.g. for a sales organization) or how they are affected by an event (e.g. appreciation of real estate).
Using geographic mapping, you can visualize, explore and analyze data, uncover new patterns, trends and relationships that are not readily apparent in other visualizations.
Intellicus provides a mechanism to perform lookup for geographical coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) and geospatial information (i.e. Country, State, City, Zip Code, IP Address).
To enable this step on Query Object screen, you need to create a GIS Lookup connection (viz. MaxMind). The REST URI, access key, username, password etc. is to be provided if lookup provider is a REST web service.

For rendering maps in Intellicus, the below mentioned files need to be present at “ReportEngineconfigmapsGIS”

  • MapProviderInfo.json
  • gisConf.json
  • Role specific CSV files with spatial data
  • Geojson files (specific to Heatmaps)

Refer Setting GIS configuration files section to know more about the above-mentioned configuration files.
For Lookup, you need the below:

  • MaxMind/ any Lookup Provider Connection

Who can do what
Super administrators and/or users with specific roles and privileges assigned by super administrator can form connections. Also, the above-mentioned files need to be configured by super administrators of Intellicus.
Designers can perform lookup operations, assign geographic roles at Query Object level and design reports with maps.
End/Business users can view map visualizations in reports.

Let us discuss Creating Lookup Connection, Geolocation Lookup and and Geographic role at Query Object level, Rendering Maps and Setting GIS configuration files in subsequent chapters.