Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Deploying Intellicus Portal on Oracle App Server

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This chapter provides steps to deploy Intellicus in Oracle application server.

Step 1.  Start SOA suite.

Click Start > Program > Oracle > Start SOA Suite.

Oracle Application
Figure 1: Starting Oracle Application Server window

Starting Oracle Application Server window opens.

Oracle Application Server window
Figure 2: Oracle Application Server window

Steps 2. Launch Oracle Application Server Control.

shortcut menu for oracle application
Figure 3: Shortcut menu to launch Oracle Application Server Control

User interface opens in a browser.

Specify credentials
Figure 4: Specify credentials

Specify Username and Password.  Click Login to proceed.

Cluster Topology page will open after successful login.

Step 3.  Click home option on OC4J Instance.

Figure 5: OC4J home page

OC4J: HOME page appears.

Step 4.  Click on Applications tab.

Home Tab
Figure 6: Home Tab

Deployed applications will be listed in a table.

Step 5.  Click Deploy button.

Applications tab
Figure 7: Applications tab

Select Archive page appears.

Step 6.  Selecting an archive.

Click Browse button and select path of intellicus.war file.

archive selection
Figure 8: Deploy: Select Archive

Click Next button.  Application attributes page appears.

Step 7.  Specifying Application Attributes.

In Application Name, specify Intellicus.  In Context Root, specify /Intellicus.

Figure 9: Application attributes

Deployment Settings page appears.

Step 8.  Click Deploy Button.

deploy button
Figure 10: Deployment Settings

Following message will appear as a result of successful deployment.

Figure 11: Confirmation

Step 9.  Starting Intellicus Application.

On OCRJ: Home, click select intellicus check box (under Name column) and click Start button.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Home
Figure 12: Oracle Enterprise Manager Home

Confirmation page appears.

Confirmation page
Figure 13: Confirmation Page

Following message appears as a result of successful start.

Application Tab
Figure 14: Application Tab

Specify following URL in address-bar of a browser as per following syntax to access the application.


  • MachineIP: IP of your computer where Intellicus web application is running.
  • Port: Port for Oracle Application Server. Port number 8888 is default for oracle application server.