Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Common Properties

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The underneath table mentions properties common to most connections in application.

Property Values Comments
Connection Name Type Yourself Name of the database connection
Provider Select from list Data provider used for the connection
Max Rows Type Yourself Specify the maximum number of rows to be fetched from dataset
Username Type Yourself Username used to open the connection
Password Type Yourself Password for the connection

Blank= If user name and password is not required to connect to the database.

Runtime= To provide username and password when he/she tries to access database (for example, to generate a report or to open SQL Editor, etc.).

Connection String Auto generated Connection String to connect to database
Mask Connection String Check/Uncheck If checked connection string is masked
Charset Encoding Select from list Select UTF-8 if the database is created or started with UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise, it is blank
Is Default Check/Uncheck Check this checkbox to use this connection as the application default data connection to fetch report data
Is Repository Check/Uncheck Check this checkbox to use this repository as the application default repository to fetch meta data
Is Staging Check/Uncheck Check this checkbox to use staging database (in case of H2 database) to store intermediate results for optimization purpose
Read Only Check/Uncheck Check this checkbox to make sure only SQLs having read operations are executed on this connection
Pool Settings


Initial Connection(s) Type Yourself Specify the number of connections that should be opened initially.

Default: 5

Incremental Size Type Yourself Specify the number of connections to open when the all open connections are consumed.

Default: 5

Resubmit Time Type Yourself Specify the waiting-time in seconds before generating re-submitting request. Default: 30 seconds
Max. Connections Type Yourself Specify the maximum number of connections that can be opened to the selected database at a time.

Default: 30

Database Time Zone Select from list Select time zone to receive output of date / time fields as per time zone in which the data was entered in database
Get Configuration File Click the button You can get the configuration file of Report Server in Encrypted format.
Cache Enable Metadata Caching Check/Uncheck Check = The list of table names with column names (or other data source objects) from this connection will be pulled and stored locally for populating in SQL Editor or respective Query designer screens.
MetaData Cache Purge Frequency Select from list MetaData Cache Purge Frequency defines the time when metadata (table names, field names, etc.) cached for the selected connection should be deleted and refreshed:

NEVER = application will never delete and refresh the metadata.

BOOTUP= If this is set to Boot Up, every time server is booted, metadata for this data connection will be deleted and refreshed.