Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Cluster and Load balancing-Windows

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This is a mechanism through which multiple instances of Intellicus server are run and maintained on multiple systems.  All these systems form what is known as a Cluster.

Load Balancing

This is a process of balancing load among servers in a cluster.  A component known as Load Balancer takes care of this activity.

How it works

Multiple machines are networked to form a cluster.  Cluster Report Server is installed and run on all the machines.  Load Balancers are installed on one or multiple Machines of network. Load Balancer keeps track of load that each of the cluster report server is having.

Report client first communicates with the Load Balancer.  Load Balancer keeps track of loads on each of the cluster server instances. So, based on the Load Balancing algorithms it finds the appropriate cluster server on which request should be forwarded, then it sends the IP of the cluster server to the client.  Report client sends request to that cluster report server.  This process is repeated for every client request.

This way, load is spread across multiple cluster report servers.