Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Web Service as Data Source

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This wizard allows you to select a web service available from the connected Web Service provider and provides method, record pattern details.

On the Query Object Editor screen,

Figure 7: Web Service as a Data Source

Select a connection or web source and click Select under Web Service. The below screen appears.

By reading the WSDL, it also prompts for parameters required to request the Web Service.

Note: Intellicus also supports JSON as a File Type for File and Web Service data sources in a Query Object.

Figure 8: Field Level Properties

Field Properties

The Field Level Properties at Data Source step are listed in the table below.

Property Values Comments
Data Type CHAR,




Select the data type of the incoming data
Data Format Format String Specify the format of the incoming data. This is useful only if Date or IP Address type data are incoming in CHAR fields but needs to be converted to Date and Number types for further use
Database Time Zone Select Time zone from the list Specify the time zone in which the incoming date data is stored. This is useful only if date time data needs to be converted to other time zone data based on reporting requirement.

For example, when incoming GMT data need to show EDT (or any requested TZ) value in report, specify that the incoming data is GMT. The output format is generally specified in Format step or in user preference

Length/Precision Enter Length of field for Char data type

Precision or length of field for Number data type

Scale Enter Scale or number of digits after decimal point
Locale Select from the list Select the language/ country in which the incoming date data is stored
Sort Priority Number 0-N If the data is sorted on multiple fields then specify sort priority number of this field.

Primary sort field should be the lowest number

Sort Criteria Ascending/


Specify sort as either ascending or descending order
Qualified Name Enter This name can be used as the field name to resolve field name ambiguity when same field is fetched from two tables or expressions
RESTful Web Service as a Data Source

Designers can create Query Objects using RESTful Web Service through the REST Web Service provider. You can use GET/POST methods to fetch data from the REST server. You need to provide the following details:

  • Request Path, Record Pattern, Query, Matrix and Header parameter in case of GET method
  • Request Path, Record Pattern, Query and Header parameter for Form POST method or
  • Request Path, Record Pattern, Text data and Header Parameter for Text POST method

Intellicus supports all values under Text for Content-Type parameter. Below are the supported values under Form:

  • application/json
  • application/xml
  • text/plain

Figure 9: REST as a Data Source

Intellicus displays the response output from a REST Web Service in grid form according to the provided record pattern. Earlier the response in XML/JSON was being displayed as a single row.