Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

How to change a value in a bundle file

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Key-value pair of a language bundle on portal may have been used at multiple places. After opening the portal in respective language, you may find need to change the entries that might not be translated in right context.

Same may happen with language bundle file at the report server.

Here are the steps to be followed if you already have a language bundle file and need to change one or more values in it.
Step 1.  Backup the bundle file.
It is always a good idea to back up a file before making any changes in it.

Portal bundle file is available here:

<Intellicus Installation path>/Intellicus/Jakarta/webapps/intellicus/client/lang

Report Server bundle is available here:

<Intellicus Installation path>/Intellicus/ReportEngine/resourcebundles
Step 2. Open the file and search the value to be changed.
Open the language bundle file in MS Excel. Make respective sheet active. Search for the value to be changed.

The value you are trying to change may appear as part of other keys in the file. Before clicking “Replace” button, make sure you are replacing the right value.

Tip: To reach the right entry sooner, you can select Match Case or Find entire cells only checkboxes.

Save the file after making changes.
Step 3.  Restart Server.
After making changes and saving the bundle file at portal, restart web server.

After making changes and saving the bundle file at the report server, restart report server.