Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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Grouping brings together or summarizes the related data of a report based on the grouping key.

Group key can be arranged in ascending or descending order, based on group key value or a detail field’s summary value.

For example, if you group population details by region, you can arrange regions by name or by highest to lowest population.

Ad hoc reports support multi-level grouping, for example, you can group the report data by country; within country by states and within states by cities.

select grouping
Figure 5: Selecting Grouping

Group properties
Item Values Comments
Field Select from list ‘Group By’ field is the highest priority field selected for grouping. It specifies top level grouping.

‘Then by’ field specifies fields of next priority and level for grouping

Order Ascending


Select the order of grouping. Grouping is applied on group key or ranking field
Ranking Field Select from list Select the field to apply ranking function to decide the order of appearance of groups
Ranking Function Sum,










Distinct functions

Select the function to apply on the ranking field and find rank.

Ranking functions change based on data type of the ranking field

Show When Specify the criteria Show When feature helps to specify condition to be met in order to show that group. You can combine multiple conditions with AND/OR operators. Current group details would be shown on the report only if the Show When condition is satisfied
Item Comments
Add Groupplus sign Add a new group
Remove Groupcross sign Remove current group
Date fields grouping

If you select date type field in Field dropdown, you can also group dates by:

  • Minute: Number of the minute indicating the minute of an hour
  • Hour: Number of the hour indicating the hour of the day
  • Day: Day of the month
  • Week: Week number of the month
  • Month: Month number
  • Quarter: Quarter number
  • Year: Number indicating the year

Date fields Grouping
Figure 6: Date fields Grouping