Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

High Speed View

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Intellicus’ High Speed View enables you to view and analyze multi-dimensional data to gain faster insights into business. You can slice and dice the attributes, drill through multiple levels and analyze your data at the speed of thought. This topic discusses how to design, visualize and save reports using the High Speed View.

High Speed View’ sub-second, multi-dimensional analytics lets you explore all your data in a single screen to give a panoramic view of your business at the speed of your thought.

Overview of High Speed View

Intellicus’ High Speed View is a web interface that enables you to explore your data on multiple dimensions on a single screen. High Speed View lets you quickly design and view high speed reports. The data source for the High Speed View are the analytical objects (cubes) that are designed and saved on Intellicus report server.

Note: Designers may refer to Designing Analytical Objects section to know more about creating analytical objects.

Key Benefits of High Speed View

  • Enables you to analyze, explore multidimensional information within seconds.
  • Generates dashboard-like automatically linked views.
  • High Speed View allows you to create charts, crosstabsand GIS maps.
  • Provides slicing, dicing and drilling into any data point to explore its details.
  • Allows interaction to zoom, pan or change the visualization type.

Enables to save high speed reports for future reference.