Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Jobs Execution Status

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Execution status of all the reports executed as scheduled job, quick job as well as reports that were run in background can be viewed on Jobs Execution Status page.  This page also lists reports that are currently executing and reports upcoming for execution. You can go to Navigate > Schedule > Jobs Execution Status to open this page.

Jobs execution status
Figure 29: Job Execution Status

Data is displayed as chart and table (below the chart).

By default, data of jobs having execution date 7 days in past and 7 days in future is displayed.  For example, if today is September 8, 2019, data of jobs having execution date of September 1, 2019 to September 15, 2019 will be displayed.


Chart depicts jobs execution status in line chart (by date) for Completed jobs, Succeeded Jobs, Failed Jobs and Upcoming Jobs. By default, it displays Completed Jobs and upcoming jobs. If date range applied in filter is 3 days or less, chart will display hourly data. When you apply filter, the chart will change accordingly.

To view the point value, click corresponding line and hover on the point. A callout will be displayed showing the point value. To disable the value popup, click corresponding line again. When you click the data point, job detail pertaining to the clicked point will appear in a popup window.

The chart tab is collapsible. Click Job Summary bar to expand or collapse the chart tab.

List of Jobs

For each job, the following details are/can be listed:

  • Job Name
  • Entity Name
  • Frequency
  • Job Type
  • Organization
  • Owner
  • Scheduled Time
  • Job Completion Time
  • Last Run Status
  • Re-Run

Frequency value of one-time jobs will be displayed as blank.

The Filters area

When the page opens, Filters tab remains collapsed. Click the filters button or any of the filters from the filters pane to expand it.  The pane also displays current filter settings.

Jobs execution status filters
Figure 30: Providing filters

By default, it displays first 500 jobs (no filter for report name, Owner Intellica/Admin).  List of jobs can be filtered by:

  • Entity Type: From here you can filter the job execution status list based on an entity type. The entity can be specified as All, Report, Query, Analytical Object etc.
  • Entity: Select a report. Select a folder to select all the reports in it.  Click  to open object selector to make selection.
  • Job Name: Name of job.
  • Job Run Time: Select (All) to view all jobs, select Completed to list job that are completed (successful as well as failure), Scheduled to list the jobs that are currently executing and select Pending to list jobs that are yet to be executed.
  • Status: Select Success, Failure or All to include only successful jobs, failed jobs or all jobs respectively.
  • Date From and To: Dates between which the jobs were executed / to be executed.
  • Job Type: Select the job type. (All), to include all type of jobs; Now, Once, Recurring to include respective types; Background to include jobs run in background, Post Approval to include the jobs that executed reports supposed to undergo approval process.
  • Frequency: Available when selected Job Type is Recurring, select among Daily, weekly, monthly or All.
  • Select Owner: Organization and User of the person who is owner of the job.
  • Select User: Select the type of user i.e. Admin, Designer, User or All.
  • In Private Owned By, select None to not view any private jobs, select Selected User to view selected user’s private jobs, select Selected Org to view private jobs of users belonging to the selected organization (in Select Owner) and All to view private jobs owned by all the users.
  • In Public Owned By, select None to not view any public jobs, select Selected User to view selected user’s public jobs, select Selected Org to view public jobs of users belonging to the selected organization (in Select Owner) and All to view public jobs owned by all the users.
  • Show (selecting the number): Select Top 100 to view first 100 jobs from the filtered list, select Top 500, Top 1000 and Top 4000 to view first 500, 1000 and 4000 jobs respectively.

Note: Jobs are listed in the ascending order of the time of execution.

Filtering the list

Provide filter criteria and click the Apply button.  List of jobs having jobs that meet the filter criteria will be listed and plotted on the chart.