Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Designing SQL statement

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The Design tab contains a complete SQL statement divided into its clauses, according to the objects chosen from the diagram pane.

The SQL clauses available in this tab are:

Select Clause

In the Select clause, the columns selected from the diagram pane are displayed. This allows quick selection and removal of the columns from the select clause. You can also edit this clause by directly writing into that box. Addition of a column using the SQL clause box will reflect on the selections performed in the diagram pane. But removal of a column might not be reflected in the diagram pane.

Tip: You can press <ctrl><spacebar> to seek context sensitive list of values in all clauses.

Where Clause

In the Where clause, every condition is a row, and the following options are available.

Option Description
Open This option helps in grouping the conditions by using opening braces.
Operand 1 This is a combo box with all available column names. This will also display the parameters (report, system) defined in the report.
Operator This is a combo box, which contains the comparison operators that you may use to compare operand 1 with operand 2.
Operand 2 This is a combo box with all available column names and parameters. It can be used for comparison with the operand 1 chosen earlier.
Close This option helps in grouping the conditions by using closing braces.
Relation You can relate the current condition with the next condition using ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ logical operators.

Group by Clause

In the Group By clause you can provide grouping criteria for the SQL statement.

Having Clause

In the having clause you can define conditions, similar to those defined in the Where clause.

Order by Clause

In the Order By clause you can provide sorting (ascending/ descending) criteria for the SQL statement

Important: For a report with grouping, the order by clause must have the columns in the same order as of the respective sections in the layout designer.