Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Properties for Ad hoc/ Smart Report

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To customize Ad hoc Wizard, click Navigate > Administration > Configure > Ad hoc Wizard tab.

Note: If Intellicus is running under security disabled, specify following URL in the browser’s address bar to get this page.

If you are using the computer used as web server,

http://localhost:port/intellicus/pattern/conf and then click Ad hoc Wizard tab.

In other cases,

http://<IP of the server:port>/intellicus/pattern/conf and then click Ad hoc Wizard tab.

When you open the page, by default it opens configuration for “System”.  Before going ahead, make sure you have opened the right configuration (for “System”, organization or the user/role).

Click Save (or Save For) button to save the configuration.

Ad hoc Wizard
Figure 5: Configuration page for Ad hoc Wizard

Let us discuss the properties to be configured under various sections of the Ad hoc/ Smart report.