Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Report Collaboration

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Users can collaborate on a Published report.  User can open a published report in HTML to view and comment on it.

A report that you have to approve before it is published will appear in your Pending Reports list.  You can open such a report from the list to view and provide your comment, or comment and also approve / reject the report.

Users having Run and Publish rights can add comments on any of the reports that they have run.  While adding a comment, one can also select the users who would be allowed to view the comment.

The following table summarizes the buttons used along with the specified actions:

Button Action
add button To add a comment.
view button To view comments.
refresh button To refresh the comments window.

Adding Comments

Comments are added when the report is being viewed in HTML Viewer.
While in HTML Viewer, click add button button. On clicking “Set Approval Status”, a Add Comment window will open.
Type in the comments.
To select the users who can view the comments, click down arrow adjacent to “Visible to:” and then select the check box against the users you wish to give access to.
Add comment
Figure 1: Add comment window

To save the comment, click Publish button.

Viewing Comments on Published Report

  1. From Explorer, navigate to the folder where the report is deployed and right-click the report.
  2. Click List Published Outputs. Report will be listed on Published Report List page.

Publish report Toolbar
Figure 2: Toolbar on Published report

3. There may be multiple published instances of the report. Select the report to open a toolbar.  Click icon Comments that you are authorized to view for the report will open in Show comments window.

View comments
Figure 3: Viewing comments

Viewing the report and adding comments on it

On Published Report List page, to open a published (saved) report, click icon  representing HTML Viewer.  The report will open in HTML Viewer.

Deleting Comments

For security reasons, Intellicus does not allow deleting comments made on its reports.