Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Running a Report

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When you add a Data Science Engine step at Query Object, you will be able to view the predicted values once you run the report.

Once you create the necessary steps for a report to be generated with the Data Science Engine step at Query Object level, you can run the report and visualize your data with predictions.

You will see the following options once you run the report:

Machine learning operation toolbar
Figure 7: Machine Learning Operations toolbar while running a report in Smart View

Note: The Machine Learning Operations will be visible if you add Data Science Engine step with the necessary modular script at Query Object.

You can choose between Prediction only or Training and Prediction from here. Prediction only will use a last trained model to bring out predictions, whereas, Training and Prediction will perform retraining based on the latest data-sets before giving prediction. To view when was the last training performed, Click the button. After selecting your choice, click Apply.
You can save your choice as default option every time you run a report by checking the box for Save Values for Next Run. Once you apply the setting you will be able to view predictions in your reports.