Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Scripting Parameter Form

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At parameter level, OnChange() event is supported. It means, validation script will be executed when:

  1. User types in a value for the parameter (for Input Type as EditText), or
  2. Selects/Unselects value from the parameter Dropdown/list/tree.
  3. Checks/ Un-checks a check box.

Validation script written at parameter level can access other report parameters. It can also access parameter objects (even if not imported) and global parameters. This will be Read-only access.

If the parameter value is valid, script will return True. If it is invalid, script will return False. You can set an error message that should be displayed if parameter validation fails. Report will not be generated if parameter validation fails.

Using script, you can modify attributes and behavior of parameters. (For example, if paramA is invalid, disable paramB.)  IPF will reload parameters that are affected by the script.

In case of scheduled report execution, IPF is not displayed. Hence, script will be executed at the time of saving of schedule tasks. Script will not be executed at report run time.