Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Reporting and Analyzing Data

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Intellicus’ Report Objects like Query Objects, Analytical Objects form the business meta-layer for end user reporting. End users can design smart reports, charts, and dashboards without knowing where and how the data is fetched from the database.

Intellicus is packed with features for everyone in the organization, from IT and data administrators to business users to access insights out of data as per their roles and needs.

Canned Standard Reporting
Design highly formatted, pixel-perfect, printable forms and operational reports. Get contemporary style of web controls like dynamic data grids and various charting options for data depiction.
Self-serve Ad hoc Reporting
Our intuitive, drag-and-drop UI enables you to customize reports according to your business needs, and derive meaningful insights whenever you need.
High Speed OLAP
Sub-second, multi-dimensional analytics to let you explore all your data in a single screen to give a panoramic view of your business at the speed of your thought.
ETL enabled Metalayer
Join data from multiple systems to bring them into a single report or dashboard. You can extract and transform the data from diverse sources- both modern and traditional for your analytics.
Report Scheduling and Bursting
Schedule to auto-deliver reports to various stakeholders. You can distribute reports in different formats and customize the view for recipients.
Data Science
Intellicus Data Science capability empowers businesses to analyze the future by doing machine learning of data, predictive analytics and what-if analysis. Data Science helps to dig deep into a variety of insights.

Let us discuss these in detail under various sections.