Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Creating Parameter Value Groups

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Some of the reports may need users to provide multiple values at run time, for example, Country.  Selecting a few country names from a long list may be very difficult.

For this a user with administration rights can create parameter value groups.  For example, create groups like America (having countries in North American sub-continent), Europe (having countries in Europe), Asia, Africa and specify values in that group.  At run time, when a user selects a group, values belonging to that group will appear as selected.  You do not have to manually select each of the countries every time you run the report.  This saves time as well as reduces chances of errors.

The Parameter Value Groups page can be accessed from:

  • Navigate > Design > Parameter Value Groups. Alternately, you can go to Navigate > Repository > Report Objects > Parameter Value Groups

Parameter Value Groups
Figure 26: Parameter Value Groups (1)

  • Go to Explorer > Category > Parameter Object. Right-click the Parameter Object name to see the Create Parameter Value Groups option

Parameter Value Groups
Figure 27: Parameter Value Groups (2)

The Parameter Value Groups page has the following information:

  • Parameters: Lists all the parameter objects.
  • Available Values: Lists available values for the selected parameter.
  • Value Groups: Lists groups created and the values selected within a group. An icon appears on the left of a Private group after saving it.
  • Show All Owners: If selected, displays groups created by all the users.
  • Private/Public: Select Private to list the groups that you have set for you only. Select Public if you wish to list the groups that you have set for everyone.
Creating a Parameter Value Group
  1. Select a parameter.
  2. Click add button button available above the Value Groups box. Enter a name for the group to be created. For example, let us group items under televisions, cameras and accessories as shown in Figure 27.
  3. Double-click the name to open it for changing the name of group. Specify the name and click outside the box.
  4. Add the values in the group by selecting a value in Available Values list and clicking arrow button button. Selected value is added under the selected group in Value Groups box.
  5. Repeat step 3 for each value to be selected.

Parameter Value Groups
Figure 28: Creating Parameter Value Groups

If a value that you want to add in the group is not listed in Available Values list, specify the value in Additional Value entry box and click arrow button button.

Use arrow button button to add all the values, arrow button button to remove selected value, and arrow button button to remove all the values from Value Groups box.

Select a value and click arrow button or arrow button arrows to move the selected value up or down (within the group).

Click delete button inline to the group name to delete that group.

Click the Save button to save the parameter value group.

Refresh refreshes the shown list of parameter value groups fetched from the repository.

Note: Please note that if name of a group that is used by a user, is changed, the values under that group will be removed from Selected Values group of that user’s preferences.

 For Tree view parameter in Parameter Value Group

To select a value, click the leaf node and click arrow button button.

To select all values in a branch, (only for a multi-select parameter) click respective branch and click arrow button button.  All the values under that branch will be selected.