Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Dynamic Fields Step

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Dynamic Fields step allows you to get flexibility of adding or removing fields to a Query Object at run time based on your meta information.

Using this step, you can:

  1. Add dynamic fields by Pivoting data from input Data Source
  2. Dynamically fetch meta data for field properties

This step takes one input Data Source.

Figure 16: Dynamic Fields Step

Dynamic Metadata

This step takes an SQL or other Data Source that defines the metadata of the dynamic result set at run time.

This SQL will be fired just before fetching the input Data Source.

The Field Attribute Mapping section takes each field from the metadata result set and maps it to Query Object field properties.

The important mappings are Field ID, Field Name, Caption and Data Type.


Pivoting allows you to convert highly normalized, Name Value paired data into flattened tabular data.

Pivot Columns: specifies which column has field ID and which column has value.

Select Grouping: specifies grouping fields, when grouped on which, the normalized data converts to flat table.