Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Cab Deployment

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Upload and Deploy cab/irb file

This Java API is used to upload and deploy cab/irb file both.

Refer to <Intellicus_Install_Path>/SampleCodes/Java APIs/Cab Deployer/ for sample code of this use case.


  1. Initialize Report Client.
  2. Initialize Requestor UserInfo.
  3. Set the application path and cab/irb File path.

//path where the intellicus web client is deployed

String applicationPath = “C:/Program Files/Intellicus/Jakarta/webapps/intellicus”;

CabFile.setApplicationPath(applicationPath+ File.pathSeparator);

//actual path of irb file

String irbFilePath = “c:/ABC.irb”;

  1. Upload the Cab File.

CabFile  cabFileObj  = new CabFile(irbFilePath,requestorUserInfo);

  1. Deploy the Cab File.

Method: deploy(java.lang.String cabPath, UserInfo userInfo)

public java.util.HashMap deploy(java.lang.String cabPath,

UserInfo userInfo)

This method takes the path of the cab file i.e. to be deployed and deploys it in the Intellicus Repository.

Part of Sample Code implementing “deploy”:

cabFileObj.deploy(irbFilePath,irbFilePath+”.log” ,requestorUserInfo);