Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Report Layout

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Designing a Report Layout

Designing a report layout involves inserting field controls, objects, and report components to the report layout page.

A control is a field that you add to the layout pane. It may be a database field, calculated field, display field, parameter (system, report) field, or a control.

Different types of control are simple controls, analytical controls, graphical controls, other controls etc.

Placing Controls on Report

Simple controls

Field Control Description
Label A Label is used to display static text such as, titles and option button text.
Field A Field control is used to accept data from the user.  It is the default control that Intellicus defines when you drag fields from the Fields list window.
Check box A check box control displays an empty or checked box on the report.
Barcode A barcode control displays barcode generated from associated field(s) in the report.
Databar A databar control displays databar generated from associated field(s) in the report.
Page Break A page break control breaks the report from the location it is placed.  Remaining information is printed on the next page.

 Note: If you place a field in any of the footer sections, it is auto-set as a summary field.

Label, field, checkbox, image, line, and shapes can be placed on a frame.  Chart, crosstab, page break, sub-report, barcode, and databar cannot be placed on frame. You can set individual properties of controls placed on frame by selecting a control and changing properties from Properties pane.

Analytical Controls

Field Control Description
Chart To place a chart on your report.
Cross-tab To place a cross-tab (also known as grid or matrix) control on the report.

Graphic Controls

These controls enhance the appearance of the report.

Field Control Description
Line This control draws a straight line.
Shape This control draws a rectangle.  It can be changed to ellipse and rounded rectangle.
Image This control places an image file on the report.  For example, a corporate logo.

To upload an image:

On the Desktop Studio screen, open the report in which the image is to be uploaded.

Click Insert > Image. The cursor changes to a cross (+) symbol.

Other Controls

Field Control Description
SubReport This control places a report in the report being designed.
Frame This control is used to group the controls placed on it.  This is to handle all the controls as one control.

You can either insert a new sub-report into the main report and start designing the sub-report or you can embed a pre-existing report into the main report and start modifying it.

For more information on how to design a main report, refer to Desktop Studio – Beginner’s Guide.