Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Single Sign-on

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Single sign-on refers to one time authentication performed by the host application. Users accessing Intellicus from within a host application are already authenticated.  Intellicus does not perform authentication check for such users.

This means that User can access Intellicus without going through the Intellicus Login page.  Host application would require passing user credentials of currently logged-in user (in host application) to Intellicus.

In addition to the user credentials, host application can also pass business parameters that could be used in the reports for data filtering based on the user context.

Single Sign-On is briefly referred as SSO.

Note: Single Sign-On is required only when Host application and Intellicus are running as two separate web applications on the same or different web servers.
Single Sign-On is not required when Intellicus is embedded inside the Host application.